Friday, September 23, 2005

Yep, Dems Can Be Too Partisan Too

I'm used to Republicans putting party loyalty ahead of the good of the country, and even common sense, but it's worth noting that at times Democrats are just as blind (though blindly doing good is still better than blindly doing evil).

Take the John Roberts nomination. Some of the biggest names in the Democratic party, including Edward Kennedy, Barbara Boxer and John Kerry, announced yesterday that they will not support him.

Honestly, I'm pretty damn liberal, but Roberts is a nominee of George W. Bush, and that simply has to be taken into account. Bush is obviously going to nominate a conservative, so if you're in the minority party you really have only one hope: That the nominee the president sends up will be a moderate, instead of a Robert Bork or Clarence Thomas. By all accounts, that's exactly what Bush did in the case of John Roberts.

Were Kennedy, Boxer, Kerry and other Dems expecting Bush to nominate Hillary Clinton or Al Sharpton? These guys need to realize that politics is often about compromise, and that Bush has made some effort by nominating a man who isn't a radical, and that's really all they can expect. If Dems can't vote for this guy, then they can't vote for ANY Republican candidate, and that makes them almost as bad as those single-minded and simple-minded whackjobs on the other side of the aisle.


At 11:14 AM , Greystone said...

I am all for compromise. It is the most intelligent and civil path. NOT always possible. I will now address two problems here that stop the compromising process for todays Democrats. #1 The right wingers act like school bullies. They almost never even listen to compromise. They attack you and it is ok but how dare you even think of defending yourself! You should be stupid and follow what they say to the death. Anyone in disagreement must be wrong and you mindless robotic followers should do what ever it takes to get thoes free thinkers in line. I found in school that the teachers were afraid of the real tough bullies and would do nothing unless some weaker person being attacked would stand up for themselves. Then both would be introuble and the anger would then be deflected from the teacher (monitor) and focused on the one defending their self. Do not strike back! The bully will call the teacher (monitor) in to play. "Look what they are doing, something must be done about this weak one your not afraid to handle." This administration has done the very same. The lead bully is Karl Rove constantly spinning away making both honerable Republican opponants and Democrats alike bad people. Remember before Bad Jhon Kerry (D) decorated war hero. They had to attack Jhon McCane (R) also a decorated war hero. ("Deflection". Do not look at my questionable past, look over there. Things are to good there must be something wrong.) This brings me to #2 You must disclose everything even what you do not have but a loyal republican can hide what ever they want. Like The G.W.'s questionable service records. justice nominee Roberts records. How long does it take to investigate V.P. Dick's dirty buisness practices while he still hands out illeagle no bid contracts? this is just to name a few. The most disturbing of all though is the Whitehouse holding back information on 9/11!!! What are they hiding? How many times do we have to see our "Great Protectors" (their words) repeatedly fail us the public. I will not hide, I got a BJ lastnight, Did it affect my job performance and does it make me a bad person? Use your heads for something other than an ugly hat rack and come up with usable suggestions to fix the real problems and side step the the distractions of the shiney objects so you do not look at the tarnished. I have to go now. Someone enforcing the Patriot Act might read this and you will never hear from me again. Better dead that Red.


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