Sunday, December 18, 2005

Rice's Problem

So Condoleeza Rice comes on Meet the Press today and defends, as she always has, the Iraq war. But this time she tells Tim Russert that even though Saddam didn't have the weapons we thought he did, he was still a threat and "it was time to take him out."

This is a serious problem with the Bush Administration and Rice herself. The fact is that Saddam was NOT a threat that required hundreds of thousands of troops and a decade-long committment costing hundreds of billions of dollars to fix. The time we started the war was of our own choosing--there was nothing external that happened to convince us that "it was time."

If Rice thinks she's going to run for president, I hope the people will remember the constant stream of pro-Bush bullshit (and much of it is bullshit) that has spewed from her mouth over the past few years, and act accordingly.


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