Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Problem with Hillary Clinton

I'm a Democrat who's wary of Mrs. Clinton's war stance. At the time she voted to authorize the Iraq war, I was already convinced it was a bad idea. I saw it as artificial hype which the Bush administration made up, out of the blue, in order to precipitate a conflict which wasn't really necessary. After two years of saying nothing about Iraq, suddenly it was all they could talk about, even though there was no watershed event which warranted paying more attention to Iraq. Even if they had the WMDs the administration claimed they did, I didn't consider them a grave or imminent threat to the U.S.--after all, they had chemical weapons in the 70's and 80's, and that didn't present any threat to us at all.
The fact that Mrs. Clinton seemed to have fallen for this made up hype, and voted for it to keep from alienating the rednecks that are pro-war because they think Muslims are just brown-skinned monsters, gives me great pause. I shouldn't have to say to Hilary Clinton, "I could have told you this wasn't a good idea." She should have been smart enough to know it herself.


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