Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Shit List

Okay, since I've moved I've run into an alarming number of businesses in my new area which have terrible customer service. So, besides Wal-Mart, here are the new additions to my shit list.

Pizza Hut, 1313 E Vine St., Kissimmee, Florida 34744: Ordered a pizza online, it arrived an hour and a half later and was completely cold. One of the pieces was stuck to the lid of the box, and the pepperoni was burned to a crisp. I called the store and they gave me a credit towards my next pizza--as if I would ever call those idiots again.

Wendy's Restaurant, 915 W. Vine St., Kissimmee, FL 34741: Went to the drive-through and was told to wait. There was another car at the window that was obviously friends of the employee, as they were chatting and the employee was offering items to the driver and pulling them away when he reached for them. After about two minutes, I left and will never go back.

Denny's Restaurant, 2509 W. Vine St., Kissimmee, FL 34741: Called them one night around 11:00pm to place a carry-out order, and was told that I couldn't place an order by phone at that hour. They said they would be happy to give me an order to go if I came in and ordered it in person. That's right, they wanted me to show up and wait for the order to be cooked instead of taking it over the phone. Obviously I never went, and I never will.

The managers of these businesses need to realize that they're not doing their customers a favor by waiting on them. I hope all of these restaurants fail because of their lack of brains and service.