Monday, February 05, 2007

Worst Super Bowl Telecast Ever

CBS' presentation of Super Bowl XLI had to be the worst telecast of the Big Game ever. Sure, it rained almost the whole game, but is that any reason that every camera's lens was so fogged up (and often covered in water droplets) that the action mostly consisted of twenty-two blurry figures crashing into each other? You couldn't even see the ball most of the time for Christ's sake. Perhaps a couple of lens wipes would have helped...

But that's not all. Who the hell keeps putting Prince into every award and halftime show? Seems the only times you see him in public he's doing some variety show musical number, singing a parade of the hits from the '80s. Wake up CBS, the typical Super Bowl audience is not made up of people who are likely to be Prince fans. The kids don't remember him, and the middle-aged football fans that do remember him think he's a panty-waist weirdo flamer. You might as well book him to perform at a NASCAR race in buttless pants.