Star Wars Action Figures (1977-1984)
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If you were eight years old when Star Wars™ was released, like I was, you know how much of an impression it made on my childhood. This exhibit provides an example of almost every Star Wars action figure in the original line, made from 1977 to 1984. Look for some of the toys I actually played with as a child (the ones that have a lot of play wear!). >GO
  Star Trek Plastic Model Kits
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I'm old enough to remember a time before Star Wars™, when Star Trek™ was the biggest game in town for a sci-fi fan. Here are high-resolution photos of box art on a selection of Star Trek™ plastic models from my personal collection, which includes both vintage and newer kits. >GO
  Robert A. Heinlein Books
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Robert A. Heinlein is widely regarded as one of the giants of the sci-fi genre. This is an exhibit of cover art from vintage and newer Heinlein paperbacks. Enjoy the cool pictures... >GO